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Video Production Services
What We Do (Continued)
Designing Your Show
We sit down with you and your key people to determine how video can best serve your business needs. Working together, we examine your current communications environment and explore how best to integrate video into your company's image. This process also gives us an opportunity to identify your company's staff resources. Their participation in the project will reduce your costs and leave you with valuable in-house knowledge.
We identify your audience. Whether staff or customer, in-house or general public, each audience has specific needs. When we understand your audience, we can best define the message to be conveyed, the expected results, the time frame for production and the available resources.
We get to know your message. Business videos should entertain, educate, and motivate the viewers. Entertain to keep them tuned into your message. Educate because it's your message that you want to convey. Motivate because you want your audience to take action.
We write a treatment. A treatment is a short description of your show describing the principal story points, the production approach, and visual style. It is much like a review of a production, written before the fact. The treatment helps to focus the direction of the video and communicates to you the scope of the final production.
We write a script. The script is a word for word document which includes all of the narration, dialog, settings and graphics text. The script includes descriptions of the images, locations and visual elements. It will have an indication of the music and sound effects as needed. The script is a detailed blueprint for the production. In some cases story boards, or additional still images will be created to more clearly define the intended effect. For interviews, the exact words will not be known in advance, but the topic area, story points and available time will be defined in the script. We've been around long enough to expect changes during the creative process. Making changes early reduces costs and improves the production.
We create a detailed budget based on the script and storyboards. We budget projects on either a time and materials basis or on a project basis. Because we are fully equipped and have access to the finest Hollywood crews, we are able to produce broadcast quality work at competitive pricing. For well defined programs, project based budgeting assures an on time and on budget production.