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Video Production Services
What We Do (Continued)
Post Production
Post-Production is the process of combining all of the source elements into a finished program. More than just editing, post-production clarifies and focuses your message with pacing, rhythm and multiple layers.
Editing sequences the images and sounds into a coherent story. Starting with the script and the log of shots, a narration is built up using the latest computerized non-linear video editing tools. Computerized non-linear editing allows the editor to manipulate the pictures and sounds with the flexibility of a word processor, easily trying alternative sequences and producing customized versions for a range of audiences.
Narration, Music and Sound Effects are key elements which carry not only the text of your message but also establish an emotional mood and connection with the audience. We will record your narration in our own digital music studio and select sound effects from our extensive library. Music can be custom composed or selected from a wide range of professionally produced background tracks.
Graphics create a company and product image as well as illustrate key story points. Complex computer graphics are created, off-line, by talented graphic artists who know the best way to use the video image. These elements are then integrated into the program with additional motion and titling. Graphic logos and title animations can be used in a series of programs to maximize their value.
Duplication and Distribution
Video Duplication is remarkably affordable. DVD technology is mature and virtually trouble free. Everyone knows how to use a DVD player. Unlike computers that are finicky and subject to compatibility problems, DVD’s are simple and reliable. The duplication options on disc can range from single copies to tens of thousands, and unlike print, there are no film and setup charges. You can duplicate to order, reducing inventory and capital outlay.
DVD and CD-ROM technologies can bring high quality video to the desk top. DVD-Video can also be used for point of purchase displays, informational kiosks, business meetings and direct mail distribution.
Internet Streaming is a low cost way to broadcast video messages from a Web Site. Faster web connections have created better viewer experiences. We employ special production methods to greatly improve the appearance of Web Videos. We can help you make the most of your online video presence.
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